Sunday, June 28, 2009

Adoption journey

We're adopting 4 kids! We wanted to start this blog as a way for others (maybe) to follow our journey, but also for ourselves to document the steps we took to get to our kids.

Where are we at today?
We have pre-agency approval to adopt 4 kids from Colombia, ages 0-13.
We do have a couple of specific groups of kids in mind, but can't "officially" look at them until our immigration is approved.
Right now we're waiting for our Maryland and California background checks to come back.
At that point we'll take our completed homestudy and send it in with our immigration paperwork.

We also need to set up a doctor's appointment for our dossier, a psychologist appointment, Ed is renewing his passport and we're compiling a list of "emergency phone numbers" for when our kids come home.

Of course there's lost of other stuff we're working on, but that was today!

We are praying for our kids today, and are asking others to, as well. Pray that they would be safe. Pray that they would be hopeful about a family. Pray for us that God would prepare us to be the parents our kids will need us to be. Pray that we would all be wise and brave.

We're excited - thanks for sharing in this with us.