Friday, July 31, 2009

A sad and happy day.

We have spent the past 9 months praying over and thinking about 4 special girls that we desperately wanted to adopt. We found out today that they have been adopted by another family. We often prayed that God would find them a family, and recognized that we might not be the best family for them, but left it in God's hands. We know God answers those prayers. We are SO happy that a family has been found for them. They will not be left as orphans. We thank God for the role they had in our life (though they will never know). They are the reason we first started to consider adopting older children, the reason we decided to switch agencies, the reason we are adopting a sibling group of 4. God wanted to bring us to this place. We had hoped the story would end with us bringing those girls home, but we now know that God has other plans for our family. Somewhere right now there are other children, unknown to us, who will one day soon come home to be our children. We will continue to pray for those girls, that they can be healed from their broken past and move on and we will continue to pray for our "unknown children".
Just as a little more information (for those that know all the details) the OTHER 4 girls we were also interested in adopting, have also been adopted, so we REALLY don't know who our children will be. Hopefully in a couple of months we will!
Thanks for continuing on this journey with us :)

Thursday, July 30, 2009


Hi Leberts! of July 30, 2009, you have an officially approved home study!!!! I received the psych eval today...I'm checking to make sure it's good enough for the dossier, but for the purpose of the home study, I know it's fine, so I went ahead and submitted the home study for approval. It will still have to be officially approved by my supervisor and then the Colombia coordinator, but I don't foresee any problems. I hope to be able to submit it to USICS by the middle of next week.

Congrats again!

We're excited!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Everything ready to go.

All our paperwork is in, we're ready to send in everything to USCIS. Now we have about 2 months to wait for approval from the US. We have no paperwork to really do in the next couple of months but we have a lot of other stuff to do. Finish the attic is #1. Learn Spanish, read more about attachment disorders, and pray hard for our kids that our coming closer to being our family every day.
Please join us in praying for our children. That they would have hope in their brokenness. That they would be safe, physically and emotionally. That they would continue to desire a family. Pray for joy and laughter in their day, that today, they would be able to just be kids.
Thanks to everyone who is joining us on this journey :) You can't know how much that means to us.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Background checks are in!

This is the e-mail we got on friday:

Hi Ed and Amanda!

Good news--the background checks are no ALL in! You must have been praying hard for MD to be quick 'cuz that check is back in record time. :o)
I still have to complete the writing of the study and then I'll mail you a draft. I hope to do that next week. Just wanted to share the good news about progress!!

Yeah! That means that hopefully we can send out immigration application out next week! Things are moving along.

Also, on Saturday we attended a Colombian Independence Day festival. We ate good food, met some Colombians, saw some Colombian dancing... and had a really fun time :)

Ed and I are spending our time these days working harder on learning spanish and getting going again on the house projects that need to be done before we bring kids home.

I want to give thanks to God for his particular grace and blessings to us in the past couple of months. It is quite evident that it His hand that has been moving in our lives. He his there in the good and bad, but today I'm so grateful that it has been a good time. Please pray for our children that they would know God as the best Father they could ever have.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009


We met with our psychologist today. It was awesome! I can't even tell you what a blessing it is to meet with a Christian psychologist, who loves adoption, and knows a LOT specifically about adopting from Colombia! It was such a fun meeting. He was nice, funny, professional... turns out to be one of the easiest adoption requirements to fulfill - one that looked pretty daunting at first.

Also, we heard back from our social worker today that all of our background checks, except for Maryland, are in. We've been praying for that a lot - so it was really cool to hear it's been going well. Now we just have to get that last one in and we'll be ready to send off our immigration!

This weekend we're going to attend a Colombian Independence Day festival - should be a lot of fun!

Right now, I'm so excited that things are going well, but right now our kids have no idea that there are parents out there excited to be getting closer to bringing them home. Right now they are still living in a very broken place. Please pray for hope for them. Please pray that they would still desire to have a family, and that God would protect them emotionally and physically. We love them so much already.

Friday, July 10, 2009


Ed and I went to take the MMPI today, which the Colombian government requires us to take. It was interesting. By the end I felt like a crazy person. We walked around all day saying things like, "I think someone is trying to poison my food". (They're not) Anyway, it was one of the more interesting "adoption meetings" we've had.
We have to meet with a psychologist next week and our social worker is back from China tomorrow (yeah!) so hopefully we'll get some updates on our homestudy status.
We had a really great time meeting with the Swartzendrubers yesterday. It's really a blessing to meet with other friends who are adopting older children. We love them :)

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Went to the doctor

I made it to the doctor and got my notarized letter! Yes! I hate going to the doctor more than just about anything, so I'm glad to have gotten that done. Now, Ed just has to get in and out and we're heading for a psychological testing on friday :) We will officially be able to say that we are not crazy when this is all done, so watch out!

Sunday, July 5, 2009


Yeah! We filled out our immigration form yesterday. So, it's all ready to go as soon as our homestudy is done. Still just waiting on our Maryland and California background checks and to get into the doctor. Hopefully by the end of the month we'll have everything together to send. Praying for them to come in quick!