Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Documents on their way!

Got this e-mail this afternoon:

"Hi Ed and Amanda--

I just received notification that the DHL package is being sent from Colombia today!!!! Yahoo! Because of the uncertainty of how long it will take from Colombia (despite paying for overnighting), we don't know yet if it will arrive this week or early next week. But, it's sure looking like we'll be able to get everything off to USCIS by the end of next week!

Praise the Lord for progress! "

We're getting there!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

A hula hoop, a dodge ball and a new perspective.

God has not answered our prayer in bringing us the documents we need quickly. But He has moved. He has shown me that He is moving to bring our family together and that I need to trust in Him, no matter the circumstance. Thanks to those of you who have been praying for us. I sense that God is answering our prayers, even though it looks different than I thought it would.

We did receive new information on our children today. It's more specific information on their upbringing. We won't share that information, but it's stuff to break even the hardest of hearts. It reaffirmed that we are stepping into something very hard, very life changing, but very good.

There are millions and millions and millions of children, just like our own precious children, that are broken and hurting that want nothing more than to have a mom and dad and a safe place to call home. Is that too much to give? If you haven't yet thought about bringing some of these children into your home, would you start to?

Oh - the hula hoop and the dodge ball are birthday presents for our Camila who loves to play outdoor sports, dance and sing and play...

Happy Birthday Camila!

Happy birthday to our 9 year old today!

I pray for you a day of hope of smiles of joy. I pray for you that you know that you have a Mami and Papi that are despairing to come and get you. We love how spunky and sweet you look and we can't wait for the day when we get to hold you as our own.

We will be with you soon, Lord willing.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Waiting is the hard part... would you pray with us?

I know that most of you are watching a Viking's game right now (including Ed)... but I am not. I am taking some time to process this past month of waiting. Besides, I'm a Packer's fan at heart, so I just can't cheer for the Vikes :)

Today has been a mixed day for me. We are still waiting. Waiting for documents that feel like they will never come. Waiting for God to make it happen - knowing that He will, but wondering why not now? I feel reassured that God cares more for our children then I ever could and that He is moving, even if it's not "evident" to me. Every minute though, is a struggle. One minute I'm trusting God with where He has brought us and His timing and the next I'm wondering how I can possibly go one more day without hearing that the documents have come.

I did a stupid thing tonight. I spent the night reading other families' blogs that are all about at the same stage of the process as us. And all of them have received their documents, have sent in their applications to USCIS and their travel is imminent, or they are already there. So, what began as a day of trusting in God more, leaning on God more, believing in God more - ended in feeling sorry for us, disbelieving that God is working and panic and anxiety over our situation.

All that to say...

Would you pray for us and with us? Pray that our hearts would see that God is more important than EVERYTHING else - even adoption of orphans! Pray that all obstacles would be removed that are preventing these documents from getting to us. Would you even pray that they would miraculously come tomorrow? All we have left is God - he is all we can believe and trust in and I need help to do that. There is nothing as encouraging as a friend that fasts with you, that prays for you, that tells you that they are "in it" with you. I've learned all this from my friends that are doing this already. Thank you for caring for our children and praying that we can go to them soon!

Sunday, January 10, 2010


Today we have a 7 year old boy! I sure hope he gets to do something fun today.

It hurts my heart to know that he might not even know he's getting adopted yet, and that he might feel sad about getting older and traditionally "less adoptable". I wish so much we could have sent him something or had him by now. Please pray with us that our paperwork would come quickly and that we could get to our kids very soon.

Sebastian - if we could, we would get on a plane and come be with you right now. We already love you!

Friday, January 8, 2010

Waiting for birth certificates.

If anyone reads this, some of you may be wondering what's next? Well, we're still waiting to receive our kids birth certificates and a couple of other key documents. Apparently they are at the translators. I'm not sure why it's taking so long... I need an extra dose of patience right now :)

As soon as we get those documents we will send everything to US Immigration to inform them what children we will bringing back into the country. Then they will send as their okay, and then we'll send that and some other documents to Colombia. When they get all of that, then we will receive a court date. The I_800 process is much longer than the I-600 process, which everyone else we know has been under. So, we're still unsure of the timing, but hopefully still late winter or early spring.

But, the good news is that eventhough we still have some waiting to do, Pamela, Camila, Sebastian and Samantha are going to be our kids and will get to them as soon as we can!

We have been very busy setting up their rooms and having a lot of fun picking stuff out for them!