Monday, June 28, 2010

First day of (summer) school

The kids all had their first day of summer school today - which is also their first day of school in the US. We were pretty nervous about how they would do, and I think they all were too. The first day was a little crazy, but eventually they all got placed in a classroom with at least one other spanish speaking student. When we picked them up from school (Ed took the day off and we enjoyed some time alone together!!) they were all pretty happy and excited. Pamela really enjoyed the day, Camila and Sebas thought that there would be more Spanish spoken, but Samantha said her class was perfect for her :) Another fun benefit is that in the summer the schools offer free breakfast and lunch!! What?? Awesome! That seriously is so helpful and the kids like it too - so yeah! Sebas did say he doesn't really want to go back, but I expected a bigger fight than that, so we're doing good.
Pamela tells us she is going to know English by the end of the day tomorrow... I'm not going to hold her to it, but I like her ambition!
Three weeks of summer school and then more Vaca - fun!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

2 months

Today we have been a family together for 2 months!

Without a doubt, the second month has been much easier than the first. There are still mornings or nights where I still think, "What did we do?" But, more often we think, "What were we doing with our lives before this?".

We knew we were called to adoption and that calling in our lives, our care for orphans, is made stronger with each day. As we encounter more and more people that are excited about our kids and our family, my constant hope is that they would develop that excitement into a joy and excitement for adoption. Adoption in the worldly sense - of kids that want parents, but have none. And, adoption in the spiritual sense - an excitement for a God that has made it possible for us, who were alone and lost, to become His children. Really, I learned more about God in our journey TO our kids, than I ever have in my whole life. Now, is the tough stuff - seeking out God for the normal, everyday stuff...

Looking forward to a lifetime of growing and learning with my kids!

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Ed weekend.

This past Saturday was Ed's birthday and then today was Ed's first Father's Day!

I'm so grateful and in love with Ed. Seeing him as a father has made me love him even more than I ever did before! I really wanted to have a special weekend for Ed, but to be honest, it's actually really hard to just focus on Ed when you have 4 monkeys around. So, we did have some small presents and a couple of friends around, but for the most part the weekend really was just business as usual around here. Thanks to our new friend Melissa, from Hope, we did get to do a really fun ropes course at a camp in Eden Prairie, with the Nelsons, on Ed's birthday. Graham took some really awesome pictures of the morning and I think we'll get those posted soon. Samantha is AMAZING! She was, I don't know how far off the ground, running through the air, she's totally crazy. We had a lot of fun!
Tonight, I "let" Ed play softball so I had my first experience putting the kids to bed by myself. I think everyone is asleep at this moment (2 hours later) so I will call it a success!
Been doing a lot of thinking this weekend about how I can be more "sunshine" to my kids rather than a "cloudy, rainy day". Need to pray more about bringing my kids joy in obedience rather than just strict obedience. I heard a couple of times this weekend, "Mom's mad everyday". I know that's not true, and I know they know that's not true, but I do need to work on the joy. Tonight when I went in to tell the little kids for the second time to go to sleep, I still said it with a smile, and guess what? No one got mad! They need to listen, but I'm going to try to smile at them more :)
Also, thanks to all you women who stopped and chatted with me for a minute or two at church today - it's so nice to get those chances, even when they are small!
Good night!

Friday, June 18, 2010

18 shots!

That's right our kids all together received 18 shots today and all 4 had their blood drawn! They all got lots of books and stickers and presents for making it through... but I'm the one that spent 5 HOURS at the doctor's today - where's my Barbie??

Also, we got 20 more books at the library today - which means we have 45 books from the library at our house. What do you think the chances are of finding and returning all those books???

Thursday, June 17, 2010

What's new with the Leberts?

We are doing well!
We have all stayed very busy the past couple of weeks. Now that the weather is nice the kids are learning to do new outdoor stuff everyday. Camila taught herself how to ride a bike, Pamela roller blades, bikes and has given skateboarding a go, Samantha picked up roller blading pretty fast and Sebas is almost riding a bike by himself, but prefers the scooter :) When they aren't rolling up and down the sidewalk they are in the pool - which is no surprise. They've also learned how to play MarioKart :) and have started digging through our basement for treasures galore! It's amazing what kids can dig up to play with. Tonight it was old yearbooks and dog kennels.

We haven't had a meltdown from Sebas in almost two weeks - which is huge! Sebas has turned from a pretty moody, grumpy boy, to a pretty happy kid. It's really fun to see. We work on English everyday with the kids, but we have a very long ways to go. We are going to try out summer school in a week and see how that goes. In general, we aren't spending a lot of time with other people because our kids just do so well with just us and we aren't ready to share them too much yet :) We are slowly meeting friends and relatives - which has had its ups and downs.

Tomorrow we have another trip to the doctor for shots (don't tell the kids), so I think that won't be too fun, but we'll try to make up for it by feeding them lots of junk food later in the day :)

A hundred funny things happen everyday with our kids and Ed and I always say, we have to remember that for the blog - but of course by the time the kids go to bed we forget...

Thanks for following along still and we'll try to write more often!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Happy Birthday Pamela!

Yesterday we celebrated Pamela! We now have a 12 year old girl!

I wanted to actually write this post yesterday, but our day was pretty filled with events from morning till night. Pamela started out the day by taking her customary 2 hours to get ready :) Which was made even longer because I promised her I would curl her hair for her birthday. Anyway, she looked really beautiful and was really excited about her day. They played video games, had a special breakfast and lunch, went to see a movie at Riverview and then had the Nelson boys over for some cake and to play. Pamela got a pair of roller blades AND a skateboard for her birthday so we all got to try them out for awhile for the small period of time that the rain stopped. She actually got so many wonderful presents (probably too many) from friends and relatives - I think it was a really crazy nice day for her. By then end of the afternoon I could tell that the other kids were very tired of all her presents and when Ed came home they all ran to tell him what THEY wanted for THEIR birthdays... really the other kids did such a good job at accepting that Pamela was getting things and they weren't. I was really proud of them all. The best part of the evening was the dinner. We went to a Colombian restaurant because Pamela's first love, really, is Colombia. We tried to go to Maria's, but it was closed. So, we ended up at La Gran Colombia. We were the only people in the place the whole night, which was pretty fun. The waitress was super sweet and helped us figure out what to order because the kids literally wanted one of everything. The kids faces really just lit up when they tasted the Colombian food - the miss it so much! We have to try harder at figuring out how to make some of it. After they were done eating Sebas and Pamela got up and started dancing to the music - it was really cute. Soon enough all the kids were dancing and then they brought out another piece of cake for Pamela for her birthday. I'm pretty sure there were tears of joy in her eyes at the end of that. (By the way I think the count is at 7 for the number of pieces of birthday cake she ate yesterday!!!)
We finished off the night by all sleeping together in the attic and watching a movie. I was sure that would be a disaster, but after a couple of minutes of walking around everyone fell asleep, and I am really proud of them and very sore from sleeping on the floor!
We do have pictures and I will try very hard to get Ed to put them up tonight.

Saturday, June 5, 2010

swimming in the rain

Our kids are crazy for swimming! Yesterday, eventhough it was cold and raining they insisted we go to the lake. So, at 8:30 in the morning, there we are at Lake Nokomis - the only people around - swimming in the cold rain. I, sat on the beach in my sweater and enjoyed my time "alone". So, today, Ed and I decided we would buy the kids a pool for the yard, because really there is nothing that they like to do more. Of course, today is cold and rainy - but that doesn't stop us! We've been outside all day in our rain jackets, rain boots and umbrellas setting up a pool that I was sure noone would use today, but I have have feeling that even if it's not ready until 7pm and it's freezing cold out - they will be swimming! I'm also getting some hot chocolate ready for when they realize just how cold and crazy they are :)

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Thanks for the e-mails...

I just wanted to write a post to give a general thanks to all you that have written me e-mails and offered your help, your friendship and so much more! The problem I have at the moment is that I just don't have time to respond... we are just so busy and by the end of the night I have so many very kind e-mails to respond to, I just don't know where to start! Thanks for your patience everyone. I do want to see you - I do want to talk to you - I do want to answer your phone calls - I want to accept your offers of help! We will get there someday - hopefully not in the very distant future, but for now, please don't be offended and I will try to return calls and e-mails when I can.

In my very real world - I will say that I am totally exhausted, but the truth is we are all having a lot of fun, most days. We're swimming, going to parks, taking lots of pictures, dancing and always cheering on our family! If you see me drive by in my mini-van full of kids, feel free to honk and wave - you'll be sure to get tons of screams and smiles back!

More Photos Now On Our PicasaWeb Public Gallary

I decided that I'll just start making my photo albums on picasaweb public so that our friends who follow our story can see our photos without having to always upload them and add links here on blogspot. So I made our Colombia album public and we just added another album from the Minneapolis Sculpture Garden yesterday. Here is the link to our public albums:

2010-06-02 Yard and Sculpture Garden