Sunday, August 29, 2010

Happy 6th Birthday Sami!

Today was Sami's 6th birthday! Have to admit I was a little sad to see my 5 year old go, but I think 6 is going to be a really fun age :)
We had way too much fun and way too many presents!
These photos are totally in the wrong order, but you'll get the idea. (Notice how Sami was looking pretty cute at the start of the day, but after the heat, she was pretty gross!) Can't wait for this heat to end!

Friday, August 27, 2010

An important disclaimer

If you happen to look at our videos and photos with any regularity, you might notice some new videos that were posted there. I need to point out, in the interest of not feeling like a totally terrible mom, that I had no idea that Ed was letting the kids spray bug spray into their mouths and video taping it!! When I first saw it, I said, "Oh, what's really in the bottle?" Yes, it really is bug spray. Ed says that I don't have a case for it being stupid because the kids are still alive. Anyway - just wanted to let you know.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Why WOULDN"T you want an egg on your head??

Pamela and Camila told us a really funny story last night.

We were talking about birthdays (a common topic of conversation in our house) and I told Pamela that this year her birthday is the last day of school - which is pretty late in the year. The girls started laughing and told us how when they were in Colombia and your birthday happened to fall on a school day, it was SO fun because kids would bring eggs to school and sing happy birthday to you and then splatter an egg on your head!! I said, "Oh - that's terrible, that's so mean!", they said, "Oh no, it's SO fun!". Hmm... I told them to not do that in the US because kids would get pretty mad at them here, and they couldn't believe that! Who WOULDN"T want an egg splattered on their head as a special birthday treat? Anyway - it was an interesting glimpse into their life in Colombia.

Speaking of schools... we've made the final decision on schools! Amazing! We have decided to send our kids so Spanish Immersion schools after all. We know that not everyone would agree with this decision, but we feel really good about it and the schools we have decided on. We think they will have some success in the school year now, where as before we felt like every single part of a school was going to be a challenge. So, Ed and I are realizing that means WE also need to be studying our Spanish more as well, because it looks like we will be a dual language house for quite a long while (forever?). We're excited about this!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Switched to Flickr

Hey, I switched photosites from picasaweb to flickr. You can view our family's stream of photos and videos using the link on the sidebar. :)

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Super fun afternoon!

The heat finally let up and we had a great time hanging out with our small group this afternoon! The Ohmen's have a zip line in their yard - what?? We even had a good round of relay races, including some genuine Colombian coffee sacks! Baseball, kickball, a couple of good tumbles in the yard (Amanda), vintage playmobile, corn on the cob, a little time to even read and AMAZING coffee - thanks Gene and Wanda!

Free meals at Ikea.

We kind of made Ikea our second dining room the last two weeks. They had free kids meals for two weeks - and I just can't pass up free food for kids! We went so often we designated a table as "our table". It was a pretty good deal - watch airplanes come and go, eat mac and cheese and french fries, put the three youngest kids in the playland for an hour and then take Pamela along for some house dreaming and to check the "As-Is" section for any good deals. So long Ikea - we will miss you!

My view most days.

One of the few places we can always count on air conditioning! Some days we drive around just to get out of our hot house.

Monday, August 2, 2010


Another fine example of the English our children are learning... I found this today just sitting around - who knows the story behind this!

Read this today.

This is such a great post about adoption. I am so blessed by reading Katie's blog. Everything I would want to express about adoption is pretty much here on this post - read it if you have time, I know you will be blessed too.