Wednesday, September 22, 2010

5 months today.

We've been a family 5 months today. Seems long but short at the same time. This morning I was standing with Sebastian at the bus stop reminding him that tomorrow night Ed and I would be gone at a meeting to talk with other parents about adoption, and the first thing out of his mouth was, "for us"? He was asking me if were meeting with "other parents" to talk with them about adopting them, OUR KIDS! Oh man, that's just heart-breaking. Of course, I gave him a big hug and kiss and told him again that no, he is my son forever and that we just want to tell other parents how totally awesome and amazing it is to adopt OTHER kids.
How much does it suck to be a 7 year old boy and think that your parents might send you away at anytime? I wonder how long it will be before he stops thinking that's a possibility? It's just not right. I really want to go drive to school and pick them all up and just tell them how much I love them right now, but that would probably just freak them out even more.... so I won't.
I'm so grateful for the 5 months we've had together as a family. I'm just gonna love the heck out of those kids tonight :)

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

All 4 at school :)

Sami started school on monday! At the last minute the older girls' school called and said they had an opening in their kindergarten for her, so we took it. This is kind of sad because now Sebas is going off to school by himself, but we are still hopeful we might be able to get him into the girls school too... maybe at the end of this week.
Sami came home the first day and said, "It's beautiful!" She just loves school! Math has started for Pamela and it is really rough, but we can't give her anything but credit. Considering the last math she did was third grade math in Colombia! Ed spends every night working on math with her, but hopefully in time it will get easier. Ed and I have been to our first official school meetings as parents and found it pretty entertaining. I think we still feel a bit out of place... we're just not up to speed on fighting for more recess time and cupcakes in the classroom. Anyway - here we go on the next phase of this adventure!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

3 off to school!

What a fun day! The three oldest started school today! They were all up and ready to go with an hour to spare. We found balloons on our porch from our great friends the Nelsons, too, which made the day extra special :) Pami and Cami rode the bus and I drove the other two. (We had a kindergarten conference for Sami today too.) Everything worked out and they all came home just thrilled with the day! Not too much homework, but TONS of energy! Sami wishes she could go tomorrow, but no school for her till next week.