Wednesday, November 24, 2010

New video for our friends in Italy.

Just an FYI... to our friends in Italy - we put a video just for you on the side. We actually made it awhile ago, but just figured out how to get it loaded up. Anyway - we hope you find it and hope that you are doing well!!!

The leberts

Saturday, November 13, 2010


The snow has not disappointed! After 6 1/2 months of anticipation of getting to see snow for the first time, it showed up big today! I woke up at 7am to the sound of what I thought couldn't possible be someone shoveling their sidewalk. I looked out - and it WAS snowing! I ran upstairs to the attic where the kids where sleeping and woke them all up to see it. They all kept asking if it was real, they couldn't believe it. Pamela was the first one down to check it out. The other kids where excited, but still kind of sleepy. When I asked her how she liked it, she at first said she didn't even have words to describe how she was feeling, it was just so new and wonderful! About an hour later she and I went to Target to buy the snow boots, gloves and jackets we were missing. On the way there, she literally told me she was crying she was so happy about the snow. That it was the best day of her life and that she couldn't imagine anything better than snow :) Wow! We knew she was a winter-girl, but she REALLY is! I said, "I know, isn't it crazy?" and she said, "No, it's not crazy, it's excellent." She just cracks me up. God gave her a big present today :)

All the kids have spent lots of time outside and are all loving it. They keep asking if there will be more snow tomorrow - I think they are afraid this is going to be their only day with it. I have gotten my first lesson in getting 4 kids bundled up and out the door multiple times a day. So far, I don't mind - I'm just glad they are playing outside! Thanks to everyone who has given us so many pairs of boots, jackets, snow pants, gloves, hats - we put them to good use today! So, glad I didn't get rid of anything, because Sami is wearing size 2/3 snow pants right now and Camila is wearing size 5!

Wishing you lots of snowy fun!
The Leberts

new pictures and videos

Ed just added a bunch more photos of the kids from the past couple of months. If you want, you can check them out on the right hand side.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

The smallest of updates.

I don't know where the time goes. I have been meaning to write an update on how the kids are doing, but the days just fly by! In brief, we are all doing really well! Our major struggles are really all school related and just trying to do what we can to continue to help the older girls get caught with Math and English. Sebastian really dislikes going to a different school than the girls (and we dislike it too!) and we continue to try to find different ways to get him into the girls' school, but so far nothing has worked.
Here's a small summary of how they are all doing (including their new middle names that I ended up choosing, they are all variations on Grandparents names:
Pamela Winn: So fun and funny and happy most days, but a little pre-teen moody other days :) She's really trying hard in school, but the terrible awful subject of Math still gets her pretty bummed. She's a true book-worm - we hardly ever can get her to stop reading - the only thing that does is High School Musical or Camp Rock. Her English is still coming along slowly. She is very hesitant to use it, although she understands a lot. I know she still misses Colombia very much, but she also has expressed how much she likes is here too.
Camila Onne: Just a total joy! She is just a really happy kid and we like having her around :) Her English is by far the best out of any of the kids. She can speak in English all the time, if she wants, but still prefers Spanish. Camila is doing fine in 4th grade. She also has a hard time in Math, but she's getting it and is doing well overall in school. She's been asking me a lot lately if I'm happy we adopted them (which of course I am) so it makes me wonder if I don't tell them enough... I think she just really likes to hear it!
Sebastian Luther: Sebastian is just doing so good! He's all smiles and jokes with the occasional grumpy moment. I actually can't even remember the last time he had a tantrum as he has really started to learn how to handle himself when he's not happy. Also, we have turned friday nights into kid sleep-over night which means they all get to sleep together in the 3rd floor. He loves this so much and he knows that if anyone throws a fit during the week (for no good reason) that will be taken away from them for the week. Yes, I'm bribing my children, and yes, it's kind of working and kind of awesome. Sebastian has really started to love me in addition to his dad too, so that's been fun!
Samantha Joy: Always fun, always smiling, always dancing! She loves Kindergarten and loves her family and loves everything except eating dinner (which is the only time she gets in trouble). Not that much has changed with Sami, she's just great!

We feel like we don't really get enough individual time with our kids and we need to work on that... everyone is SO looking forward to snow and Christmas and all of that!

Right now I now (through the magic of the internet) 3 families in Colombia right now that are adopting older, waiting sibling groups! I'm so excited to see more and more families decide to pursue the adoption of waiting children, and hope to see even more choose it!!

Thanks to all of you who keep on checking this thing - we love you guys!

Tuesday, November 2, 2010