Thursday, December 22, 2011

A little December update.

First of all, here's a cute photo of Sami jumping her heart out on the last day of gymnastics class. She's moving on up to the next level! Good job jumping bean!
So, of course, we celebrated St. Nick's day - I love this day, almost more than Christmas!
This was going to be a really special St. Nick's because that morning Ed and I went to see an ultrasound of the baby. Our plan was that when the kids got home from school, we would open up our stockings and the kids would find a note telling them if the baby was a boy or a girl. Well... as I'm sure most of you know - the doctor couldn't tell! So funny! Ed and I laughed about it all day long - good reminder that we just aren't as in control of things as we think we are.
The kids all want a brother so bad, so they were dissapointed when they came home from school to find out they will have to wait till April to find out.
We had a good time opening our stockings anyway!

A little wave from the baby!

Monday, November 7, 2011

What's on my phone.

For some reason I just can't keep up with what's happening with our family. Probably because there's nothing too significant, I hardly ever bring my camera anywhere and life is just busy! So, I thought I could update my blog by just seeing what's on my camera - might give you a picture of the last couple of months.

Sebastian eating one of our favorite soups - it's not that cold here, but he and Sami and their friend Kobe are really into dressing up right now.
Life at the library. We still try to make it their often. Sami made some friends this day.
Sebas and Camila had an awesome season of fall soccer with Joy of the People. They are both in love with playing soccer. This was a weird day at soccer when they also had pony rides and ice cream sundae's. Wonder why they like it so much...

Camila was SO happy playing goalie for her team this day.
Her goalie jersey was a Packers sweatshirt!
Sami got to meet Clifford (she LOVES Clifford) at the bookstore one day :)

Sami and I are working on our cleaning skills. We both love cleaning about the same amount (we hate it). But, it seemed more fun in heels.
This is a great game the three little kids came up with one boring Saturday.
1. Put a garbage can over your head.
2. Garbage-can-head tries to tag other people.
3. Other people throw balls at Garbage-can-head.
My mom came to visit and brought Packer hats for all the kids.
They wear them non-stop.
Mom also helped the kids make lots of fun Halloween treats.
These were really messy chocolate witch hats.
It was too bad Digory ate almost all of them :(

Halloween! We made the kids make their own costumes this year.
We used what we had around the house - which, thanks to a very special donor - was many lint brushes - So, Camila was a lint brush and Sami and Sebas were lint and dust. They actually were kind of cute... it was memorable anyway.
I read this book, Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me?, by Mindy Kaling.
It's SO funny. You can borrow it from me, if you want.
Pamela and I went coat shopping at Target today.
For some reason the mirror in the clothing section is a "fat mirror" - it makes you look terrible in everything. So we had to use my camera to see how they looked.
She bought the grey one and is thinking about it overnight.

And that's what we've been doing, according to my camera phone!

Friday, October 14, 2011

A longer line of Leberts.

A very belated welcome to the 7th member of our family, Alejandro!

Alejandro is an intern, teaching at our kids Spanish Immersion school this year and is living with us! We are so happy to have this Colombian native in our house. He is a real delight and we all just adore him.
Technically, Alejandro isn't a "Lebert", but we are also (excited, scared, bewildered? what word goes here?) to announce that a baby Lebert will be joining our family come April 2012.
So - it's been a crazy, busy house and life for us all this fall. Who knows what's next??
Anyone else want to come live with us?

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

First day of school?

Shoot! All of September passed so quick, without a single blog post. I think I'm officially not a "blogger" anymore... but, it has been a really crazy month - so that's my excuse.

Anyway - here's my 7th grader!! (who leaves 2 HOURS before the other kids now)
And then these three head out, quite leisurely, later in the morning...
2nd grade...
1st grade...
5th grade...
We're having a great year so far!

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Happy 7th Sami!

Our little girl turned 7 last week! She's had a great last year and we're looking forward to seeing what this new year brings :)

Here she is, birthday morning, dressed in typical Sami-fashion: Stickers everywhere on body, ribbons in hair as "hair extensions", fairy pajamas, a number of rings and bracelets, stuffed animal in tow :) We love you Sami!
Samantha requested we go to the park with a rueda (I don't even know the English word for this - an old fashioned rusty thing where you can spin around really fast). This park is seriously so junky - but we went, because that's what the birthday girl wanted!
Sami and Courtney and their dad's got to go on a special birthday trip to the climbing wall! So fun t0 see these girls laugh and play together! Thanks for celebrating with us Courtney!
At Sami's birthday dinner we had a surprise guest! Little newborn Cipriana Conway paid us a visit and Sami got to hold her :)
For dinner we had birthday girl's request - pasta, Ceaser salad and strawberry cake.
Sami had a very polly-pocket birthday - they even showed up on my totally lame polly pocket rocker cake.
We have some videos, which are better than these pictures, maybe I'll try to put them up later...

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Okay - just one more picture...

And then we went home

(and it was a beautiful 72 degrees - like someone was telling us to never leave again!)

Islands of Adventure!!

Well, we wouldn't be Leberts if we didn't make the some mistake twice in one trip - so we took our kids to another theme park after barely surviving Disney.
Universal Studios is just as expensive, just as hot, BUT the rides are way better, and the water doesn't smell like rotten eggs.
Harry Potter world!!!! AHHHHHH!!!! I almost cried tears of happiness for Pamela - but I didn't.
Butterbeer - yum!
Okay - Harry Potter world is actually pretty impressive.

After we (and by we I mean Pamela and Camila) spent all the rest of their money we moved on from HP world and moved along to Jurassic Park land. Then it started to rain and they shut down all the rides and so we sat in this cave in line for an hour talking to a super-creepy employee. We'll always remember it.
Ed is having so much fun here!
A line - somewhere - hard to say because each line was about two hours long, so we kind of lost track.
Sami missed out on going on a ride with the bigger kids and spent the next two hours like this...

At the end of the day we took some more cheesy pictures.

Yeah! We're the best parents ever!