Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Happy Birthday Clementine!

Our darling Camila turned 10 today! She is SO excited for today! She received some new shoes and barbie accessories - how fun to be 10! We're so grateful to have Camila as our daughter - she brings us so much excitement and joy and sass - we just love her to pieces.

Our really casual soccer player

Our Colombian hockey princess

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Friday, January 14, 2011

What is going on here??

That is 13 unmatched pairs of socks and 5 silly bands - in ONE load of laundry.

This week in Lebert News

Monday: Sebastian turns 8! Lots of fun all around.
Tuesday: Sebastian is talking too much at school.
Wednesday: Sebastian is perfect at school, Sami talks too much at school - no recess for her, Pamela is told at her beginner skating lesson that she has the potential to be a hockey player and should give it a try (we laugh all the way home about this).
Thursday: Everyone talks the perfect amount at school, Pamela checks out a new school for next year and gets to do some Archery and Fraquetball!
Friday: Everyone gets up late, but NOONE (except mom a little) is crabby!!

Happy 8!

Monday was Sebastian's 8th birthday. Sadly, I let Camila take the only pictures we have, and the selection is a bit blah. It was primarily a Star Wars birthday, with a smattering of Legos and Spider-Man :)

When we first "knew" about Sebastian he was 6 years old. So, turning 8 just seems crazy old. I can't believe he's 8. He's a little kid and he had a little bit of a sad day because all the kids in his class told him they didn't believe he was 8 because he's so little. I don't know when he's going to grow bigger, so I'm just encouraging him that little is great and nothing to be ashamed of, because it's not! (Unless of course he has a parasite...)
Here are MY highlights from his birthday:
Eating at a Colombian restaurant and Sebas ordering nothing except 9 fried eggs! (We talked him down to 5), LOVING the Star Wars Lego dictionary he got from my mom and dad., Calling "Mr. Grandpa" to say thanks for the presents and telling my whole family to come on over, Going to the Nelsons and being so nicely greeted with a birthday banner and balloon and presents, Sebas already telling me what he wants for his next birthday, looking back and realizing that we really, truly have a HAPPY 8 year old :) He is just a joy to have around, he is well-attached, and is doing so good at being obedient and thoughtful.

We love you Sebas and thank God everyday that He gave you to us!

Monday, January 3, 2011

Guest picture post from Adam!

My brother Adam sent me more pictures from Christmas! So, if you're someone that just really needs to see more pictures of my family - enjoy :)

Sunday, January 2, 2011

A recap.

When we last left off, we were in WI, waiting to make the drive to MI. The kids saw Chicago for the first time, which was fun. Here's Sebastian showing the White Sox stadium just how much us Twins fans hate them (or at least so their Dad tells them). We arrived at Abuelita Denise's house on Christmas Eve! This was the first time the kids had been to MI, so it was a lot of fun! They received many generous gifts and were thrilled to have fun new games and toys to play with.

We spent one night at the Embassy Suites before making a dash for safer grounds! Here was our gourmet breakfast of hard boiled eggs and yogurt - fancy aren't we?
Honestly, the hotel was pretty sketchy, but of course the kids didn't know the difference. They told us they wanted to live there.

They were disappointed when we told them we were leaving (at 10:30pm the second night), but they were all smiles when they ended up warm and snuggly at grandmas house instead!
Grandma even thought enough to put socks and blankets in the dryer, ready for our toes when we arrived! So much better than a hotel! (AND she had a whirlpool bath ready for me too!)
We had loads of fun in Michigan, but it was time to move on. We made the big drive back to Wisconsin next to spent a couple of days with my family. By the time we were rolling back into Wisconsin the kids had managed to make forts in the car. I think they were ready to live there, too!
We had a big fun family Christmas back in Wisconsin, but of course, I have NO pictures of it. It was really great though. My mom and dad took us all to the Milwaukee Public Museum and Uncle Adam and Chris came along too. It was literally the busiest I have ever seen a museum. We had to wait in line an hour just to get IN the museum. We saw a special frogs exhibit. The kids didn't believe us that the frogs were real and not stuffed.

Japan exhibit. (We told the kids the country section was just like going to Disney World and Epcot, so now we don't have to do that. Score.)

Lion being speared in Africa.
Guatemala?? Not sure.
The kids were pretty tired at the end of the day and I think Ed was carrying three of the kids at one point.

Well - that's where my pictures end. We had a great and exhausting trip! Here's the things I didn't get pictures of that were really special:
All the adults playing the game of Life and it getting pretty heated.
My mom making Arepas for the kids and them LOVING them!
Ed making Ajiaco for my whole family and every single person (all 11 of us) actually eating it! (The first time the whole trip everyone at the same thing at a meal.)
SLEDDING!!! Of my gosh - so fun! The kids just loved it. Hours and hours of sledding and a little clubhouse at the top of the hill where the adults could watch through big bay windows while having some hot chocolate and playing cards.
Sebastian and Uncle Adam becoming best friends :)
Watching Despicable Me with Ed's cousins.
Just all in all having a great week of being totally taken care of by everyone and having a blast the whole darn time!

To be fair, when we came back on New Year's Eve everyone was SUPER crabby and the night was a total disaster, but not bad to have one bad night out of two weeks!

So much fun, but really happy to get us back to normal life starting tomorrow.

Happy 2011!