Wednesday, March 30, 2011


We took the kids bowling for the first time over spring break. They did better than I thought they would. They obviously are going to have Bromberek bowling skills - rather than Lebert ones, since they all bowled better than Ed! Here are the scores.

Monday, March 28, 2011

An interview with Pamelita

First I will say, that the answers are not a great translation. I wanted to not change or edit the answers too much, to leave Pamela's voice in them, but if you read the answers in Spanish, they would be more grammatically correct :) Second, I love the answer to number 4 - the girl should go straight to the beauty pageant circuit with answers like that in her heart. Third, we can not be more proud of our daughter. Not because she has the "correct" answers to these questions. We are proud of her for even being able to answer these questions, to think deeper about the experiences she's been through and not just wanting to give up on life. We are proud of her for going through everything she has and yet she has managed to figure out how to just be a 12 year old girl. It's a privilege to parent our children.

1. What was the hardest thing about the last year?

The most difficult thing of the past year was when I had to say goodbye to my foster Mom, because 4 years of my life were spent with my foster Mom, so I think that was the hardest time last year.

2. What was the best thing about the last year?

The best of last year was when I was adopted. When I lived with my foster Mom I knew about adoption, one day I had seen some children who had been adopted, I thought it was very good but ... I never thought that of all the children, I would be adopted. For me it was like a dream come true, it was the best moment.

3. What would you tell other kids who are going to be adopted?

The first thing I would say would be if you are a small child you will get used to your new parents quickly because they have much love for you. If you're an older child, I tell you this, the first days are a bit difficult because you'll be sad and miss the people who you used to live with. I say it's hard, but it is a beautiful experience because your new parents have much love for you and they will listen and help you in everything.

4. What are your dreams and hopes for the future?

Well, I have many dreams for the future. I would like to have a foundation to help children and people who need help, but for that to happen I need to go to college and study in order to fulfill my dreams.

5. What else would you want to say about adoption?

Adoption is a beautiful experience, because people who adopt have much love to give the children they adopt. There are many children waiting to be adopted, and when they are adopted you give them their dream.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

American Futbol!!

I found the kids playing football in the backyard today - they look like they know a lot more about it then I do - it's amazing what you can pick up from TV.The winning team!! (It helps when you are all on the same team, and there are no other players.)

I love that they have all the different parts - the huddle, the chest bump, the trophy, and at the end, Sebastian comes up and asks for a kiss from his mom :)

Monday, March 14, 2011

Like a dream.

Last night I gave Pamela an assignment. It has been a long time since I've "blogged" and really, nothing is coming to mind to write about, so I gave Pamela 5 questions to write about for this blog. That post will be coming - I'm really excited to have her thoughts on adoption and this past year - she's a really smart, thoughtful girl, so I know it's going to be good.

But, in the waiting time, while she gets all her words together, I wanted to share what she told me last night. One of the questions for her interview is "What is the best thing about this past year"? I don't know if this will be her final answer but, her first answer was, "Seeing you. It was like I was in a dream." I asked her to explain a little more and she said, "I just couldn't believe that there you were, someone had come all the while from the United States to adopt ME. I never thought anyone would want to adopt me, and there you were, you had come." Tears, lots of tears. Pamela is seriously an amazing daughter - the kind of daughter every parent wishes they had - we know we don't deserve her. But think about that - you're 11 years old and you have been waiting 4 years for parents - praying that someone would find some love for you in their homes and hearts - and you are pretty much totally awesome - but you have already come to believe that no one would ever want you as a daughter - that you'll never have parents... There are MILLIONS of children right now thinking that same thing. Awesome kids, hard kids, sad kids, hopeful kids - waiting to find out if someone can find a little love, a little more room for even them...

Anyway - look forward to Pamela's post - coming soon!