Thursday, August 11, 2011

Okay - just one more picture...

And then we went home

(and it was a beautiful 72 degrees - like someone was telling us to never leave again!)

Islands of Adventure!!

Well, we wouldn't be Leberts if we didn't make the some mistake twice in one trip - so we took our kids to another theme park after barely surviving Disney.
Universal Studios is just as expensive, just as hot, BUT the rides are way better, and the water doesn't smell like rotten eggs.
Harry Potter world!!!! AHHHHHH!!!! I almost cried tears of happiness for Pamela - but I didn't.
Butterbeer - yum!
Okay - Harry Potter world is actually pretty impressive.

After we (and by we I mean Pamela and Camila) spent all the rest of their money we moved on from HP world and moved along to Jurassic Park land. Then it started to rain and they shut down all the rides and so we sat in this cave in line for an hour talking to a super-creepy employee. We'll always remember it.
Ed is having so much fun here!
A line - somewhere - hard to say because each line was about two hours long, so we kind of lost track.
Sami missed out on going on a ride with the bigger kids and spent the next two hours like this...

At the end of the day we took some more cheesy pictures.

Yeah! We're the best parents ever!

Boogie Boarding

I spent many hours watching my children spend many, many, many hours boogie boarding and swimming and playing in the ocean, convinced that they would drown at any minute - but they didn't! In fact, they had no trouble at all in the ocean, but loved every minute of it! They are all quite tan now and have each assured us that they will be beach bum surfers when they grow up.
Oh - beach = free
Boogie boards = free (at the house)

Side excursions

We did quite a few things we didn't get pictures of:

An afternoon at the mall because we couldn't take the heat anymore. This involved dropping our kids off to see Smurfs and then Ed and I going across the hall to see Crazy, Stupid, Love. I was super happy about this because I HATE the smurfs, but love Steve Carell. That movie made me so happy I bought all our kids Frozen Yogurt sundaes for dinner and was ready to face the heat again!

We made a couple quick trips to Ron Jon's surf shop where everyone except Sebas got an article of clothing to make them feel like a real surfer (Sebas saves all his dollars for Swords and Legos).

We took a walking trip one night to see the local library and shuffleboard courts. But, it was too late and both were closed :(

We also got the chance to meet up in Orlando with part of Ed's family. This was the first time our kids got to meet their Great-Grandma Onnellee. We met up at an IHOP that was not so delectable, so it was even better that our company was so sweet!
Camila Onne and Grandma Onnellee
We also watched a lot of Disney Channel at night. Yep - it was luxury.

Colombian food

Oh wonderful Florida and your wealth of Latin food! We were oh-so-excited to find that Florida had many Colombian restaurants to choose from and that they are a million times better than anything in Minnesota and cheaper too! We had dinner one night at Oh! Que Bueno and then stopped at a Colombian cafe later in the week to pick up some items that can not be found in Minnesota.
This was cheap because we ate here rather than at Disney, but it was not-cheap because we ordered enough food for 30 people.

Ocean for the first time

The kids had never seen the ocean before so even though we got to the beach house the first night around 10pm, we had to run down and see it. The kids were excited and surprised by the waves, warm water and mouths full of salt!


Oh my gosh! Disney is such a rip-off!! Oh well - that wasn't a surprise - but wow! Yeah - it was expensive. AND, it was 93 degrees and HUMID and very suspiciously the water in the drinking fountains smells like rotten eggs forcing you to buy $3 water over and over and over again - but anyway, we had an amazing magical time!
This is walking IN to Magic Kingdom - doesn't everyone ALREADY look tired??
These pictures aren't great and actually Pamela got a lot of good photos, but there are something like 600 on her camera and I just can't make myself go through them... So, instead, we have this gem of a photo. Is anyone actually enjoying being here?
Hey! Look! It's an accidental photo of my shoe! One of the only times I show up in pictures, but proof that I was there.
Ed got the job of going on all the rides that I won't go on (anything with a drop or spin or twirl). Here they are going up on the scary Splash Mountain.
Sami made a good friend in Matthew our Jungle Tour guide - she even got to become an honorary skipper!
So done. Tired feet, so hot. We packed up our pixie-dusted children and quietly told them on the way out that we were never coming back :)

Beds and Donuts

Because we have the best friends in the world, we got hooked up with a FREE (that's really cheap) place to stay in Cocoa Beach!
Here we are enjoying some glorious air-conditioning in the fun bunk beds.I think just about every morning we went up the beach to dunkin' donuts for sprinkles and coffee. This would be cheap, if donuts were cheaper than cereal and milk - but I'm sure they're not... We had big plans for making all our meals at the house and being frugal - but that didn't really happen, like at all. So food counts as a not-cheap part of our trip.

Airplane ride

Our kids were lucky enough to have Ed and I decide that we should just completely spoil them rotten and take them to Florida this summer. So - this is a series of posts of our vacation on the cheap and not-so-cheap.

First stop - airport playland! SO exciting! (This was cheap fun, unless you count the fact that we were flying and not driving.)
Next up, airplane ride! Also, lots of fun!
(This counts as cheap because we only did carry-on baggage, the only "in-flight entertainment" was Sami and her Barbies, and we were only served a little bag of pretzels that reminded us that we choose a "discount" airline).

When we got to Florida we rented the cheapest mini-van we could find, which turned out great and saved us a couple hundred bucks - which again is cheap, but only relatively...