Thursday, September 8, 2011

Happy 7th Sami!

Our little girl turned 7 last week! She's had a great last year and we're looking forward to seeing what this new year brings :)

Here she is, birthday morning, dressed in typical Sami-fashion: Stickers everywhere on body, ribbons in hair as "hair extensions", fairy pajamas, a number of rings and bracelets, stuffed animal in tow :) We love you Sami!
Samantha requested we go to the park with a rueda (I don't even know the English word for this - an old fashioned rusty thing where you can spin around really fast). This park is seriously so junky - but we went, because that's what the birthday girl wanted!
Sami and Courtney and their dad's got to go on a special birthday trip to the climbing wall! So fun t0 see these girls laugh and play together! Thanks for celebrating with us Courtney!
At Sami's birthday dinner we had a surprise guest! Little newborn Cipriana Conway paid us a visit and Sami got to hold her :)
For dinner we had birthday girl's request - pasta, Ceaser salad and strawberry cake.
Sami had a very polly-pocket birthday - they even showed up on my totally lame polly pocket rocker cake.
We have some videos, which are better than these pictures, maybe I'll try to put them up later...