Friday, October 14, 2011

A longer line of Leberts.

A very belated welcome to the 7th member of our family, Alejandro!

Alejandro is an intern, teaching at our kids Spanish Immersion school this year and is living with us! We are so happy to have this Colombian native in our house. He is a real delight and we all just adore him.
Technically, Alejandro isn't a "Lebert", but we are also (excited, scared, bewildered? what word goes here?) to announce that a baby Lebert will be joining our family come April 2012.
So - it's been a crazy, busy house and life for us all this fall. Who knows what's next??
Anyone else want to come live with us?

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

First day of school?

Shoot! All of September passed so quick, without a single blog post. I think I'm officially not a "blogger" anymore... but, it has been a really crazy month - so that's my excuse.

Anyway - here's my 7th grader!! (who leaves 2 HOURS before the other kids now)
And then these three head out, quite leisurely, later in the morning...
2nd grade...
1st grade...
5th grade...
We're having a great year so far!