Monday, November 7, 2011

What's on my phone.

For some reason I just can't keep up with what's happening with our family. Probably because there's nothing too significant, I hardly ever bring my camera anywhere and life is just busy! So, I thought I could update my blog by just seeing what's on my camera - might give you a picture of the last couple of months.

Sebastian eating one of our favorite soups - it's not that cold here, but he and Sami and their friend Kobe are really into dressing up right now.
Life at the library. We still try to make it their often. Sami made some friends this day.
Sebas and Camila had an awesome season of fall soccer with Joy of the People. They are both in love with playing soccer. This was a weird day at soccer when they also had pony rides and ice cream sundae's. Wonder why they like it so much...

Camila was SO happy playing goalie for her team this day.
Her goalie jersey was a Packers sweatshirt!
Sami got to meet Clifford (she LOVES Clifford) at the bookstore one day :)

Sami and I are working on our cleaning skills. We both love cleaning about the same amount (we hate it). But, it seemed more fun in heels.
This is a great game the three little kids came up with one boring Saturday.
1. Put a garbage can over your head.
2. Garbage-can-head tries to tag other people.
3. Other people throw balls at Garbage-can-head.
My mom came to visit and brought Packer hats for all the kids.
They wear them non-stop.
Mom also helped the kids make lots of fun Halloween treats.
These were really messy chocolate witch hats.
It was too bad Digory ate almost all of them :(

Halloween! We made the kids make their own costumes this year.
We used what we had around the house - which, thanks to a very special donor - was many lint brushes - So, Camila was a lint brush and Sami and Sebas were lint and dust. They actually were kind of cute... it was memorable anyway.
I read this book, Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me?, by Mindy Kaling.
It's SO funny. You can borrow it from me, if you want.
Pamela and I went coat shopping at Target today.
For some reason the mirror in the clothing section is a "fat mirror" - it makes you look terrible in everything. So we had to use my camera to see how they looked.
She bought the grey one and is thinking about it overnight.

And that's what we've been doing, according to my camera phone!