Thursday, December 22, 2011

A little December update.

First of all, here's a cute photo of Sami jumping her heart out on the last day of gymnastics class. She's moving on up to the next level! Good job jumping bean!
So, of course, we celebrated St. Nick's day - I love this day, almost more than Christmas!
This was going to be a really special St. Nick's because that morning Ed and I went to see an ultrasound of the baby. Our plan was that when the kids got home from school, we would open up our stockings and the kids would find a note telling them if the baby was a boy or a girl. Well... as I'm sure most of you know - the doctor couldn't tell! So funny! Ed and I laughed about it all day long - good reminder that we just aren't as in control of things as we think we are.
The kids all want a brother so bad, so they were dissapointed when they came home from school to find out they will have to wait till April to find out.
We had a good time opening our stockings anyway!

A little wave from the baby!